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Kailua-Kona residents are seeing clearly for the first time in decades. From amazing sunrises over Hualalai, to numerous green flash sunset opportunities, the big island is experiencing life in high-definition.

"I think were experiencing some of the clearest visibility, some of the best air quality that any of us have ever seen," said Wendy Laros, a 27-year West Hawaii resident and executive director of the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce. She sees lots of benefits from the change.  "We definitely believe this will enhance the experience for our visitors and for those who live here," Laros said, noting chamber staff are no longer fielding numerous calls daily from people asking about the effects of volcanic haze known as vog."

Thats because for the first time since Kilauea volcano started erupting in 1983, leeward areas are no longer being polluted with vog plumes that prevailing trade winds funneled around the Big Islands southern tip, then north along the Kona Coast and beyond, stretching as far as Oahu.[1]

The newly acquired pristine views and air are attributed to the cease in volcanic activity since Kilauea blew her top in May of this year. All volcanic activity had stopped by early September and the islands are benefitting from the quiet conditions, the first time since 1983.

Unedited beautiful Kona sunset.

Kris Hazard of Keauhou Kona Real Estate had this to say about Konas new-found beauty, "The volcano had taken away the glorious skies, created obstacles to be overcome. Be they physical, emotional, or financial... maybe the lesson for us is patience and gratitude. Patience to accept challenges that we face and gratitude for the beauty we enjoy!"

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Photo credits: Kris Hazard.
[1] Armstrong, Jason. "Big Island: The Vog Is Gone — For The First Time In Decades." Honolulu Civil Beat, civilbeat.org/2019/01/big-island-the-vog-is-gone-for-the-first-time-in-decades/.


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